Milano Classic - Princeton Collection

Classic - Shaker - Country - Traditional

Princeton Kitchen Layout


A classic smooth one-piece shaker kitchen design scheme, the Princetown range within the Milano Classic collection is the perfect way to make your kitchen the heart of your home. Fundamentally a classic design due to its intricate shaker style, the brilliance of the Princetown range exists within how Symphony has exquisitely managed to finish it with a modern twist. A twist that is completely in your control. Choose one of the deep luxurious matt painted finishes and finish it with deluxe handles for a timeless traditional style full of grandeur and sophistication. Alternatively, choose one of the light pastel colours and opt for a handleless finish, creating a contemporary minimalist space with a bright spacious look.


To add individuality and character to each individual Milano Classic kitchen range, Symphony’s expert designers create distinctive design features to add that extra level of sophistication. Exceptional in both their aesthetic and function, each furniture unit is more than just a design piece, also offering an extra level of practicality. The Princetown larder is the jewel in the crown of this range. A standalone furniture piece, it is suited to utilise an unused kitchen wall space or even continue your design scheme through to your dining room. Matched by the subtle yet stunning tea tray storage and built-in drawer organisations, Symphony design kitchens to improve everyday living. The final additional feature is an exquisite island end feature that allows you to place a stamp of your own personality by adding a bespoke decorative feature. 


Princeton Pearl Grey Princeton Providence Blue Princeton Indigo Princeton Pearl Grey Glazed Princeton Chalk
Princeton Pearl Grey Princeton Providence Blue Princeton Indigo Princeton Pearl Grey Glazed Princeton Chalk


An extra way for you to add your own personality and character to your kitchen space, choosing the perfect handle style can really complete a design scheme. Providing the all-important finishing touch, kitchen handles have the ability to determine your overall style choice, be it traditional, contemporary or your very own hybrid combination.

Aware of the influence that kitchen handles have as part of the furnishings within a kitchen space; Symphony offers an extensive collection of options to accompany their ranges. Varying in style, shape, colour and fixings, explore the full range to add the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen fronts. 

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