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Plaza Kitchen


An exquisite contemporary kitchen that is uniquely infused with acute traditional characteristics, the Plaza collection by Symphony is an example of outstanding modern-day design.

Featuring a subtle textured finish across all of the furniture doors, the intricate detailing adds an extra level of character to your kitchen space. Moving away from true minimalism with a splash of traditional design, Symphony has identified the appeal of the Plaza range becoming its own bespoke hybrid. Enhancing its individuality, the introduction of integrating stunning porcelain units within this range is evident in the intelligence and elegance of design compatibility.

Providing you with a choice of carefully selected colour door finishes to an extensive variety of handle styles; ready to be matched with a worktop style of your preference, you have full control over the completed design aesthetic and colour scheme of your kitchen.


A key indication of industry-leading design capabilities, Symphony ensure that all of its collections are full of their own unique styling and individuality. Able to be easily distinguished from one another, and worthy of being selected in their own right to create your dream kitchen, each intricate detail is meticulously considered.

Expertly executed by the inclusion of additional furniture options that are only available in the Plaza range, creating a truly bespoke kitchen, is in your hands.

Whether you opt for inline handles for a voguish sleek finish, or open shelving to provide more personality and openness to your kitchen, each design choice empowers your inner designer.

The statement piece of the Plaza range, the kitchen island is so much more than an extra worktop. Capable of being integrated with a sink and including intelligent storage solutions, you can easily personalise your space to make your kitchen the heart of your home.


Plaza Cobble Grey Plaza Cashmere Plaza Porcelain
Plaza Cobble Grey Plaza Cashmere Plaza Porcelain  
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