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Harvard Kitchen Layout


Traditional in its fundamental structure, the Havard collection by Symphony is an example of how established design styles can be intertwined with contemporary concepts to create a timeless design scheme. Unbelievably versatile, your choice of frontal finishes and furnishings determine the overall tone of the style of your kitchen. For a traditional look, the hunter green exudes sophistication and provides a grandeur appearance; whilst the charcoal or pebble finish ignites a modern feel to your kitchen space. Also outstanding in its functionality, all Harvard furniture doors and draws are soft-closing and coated in the latest in surface technology. Providing a robust finish that is also anti-fingerprint, the style of your stunning kitchen is designed to last.


Evidence of the invaluable design experience and expertise at Symphony, each range has a set of outstanding furniture pieces specific to that collection. Capable of enhancing a kitchen from just another room to a statement-making design space, with every feature you add, your kitchen becomes more bespoke to you. In the Harvard collection, the extra design features provide an extra level of character and sophistication to the room. Purpose fit cupboards available in different depths can be shaped around the dimensions of your kitchen to best utilise space; whilst open shelving units provide you with a decorative space to imprint your own personality. Built-in storage options and deep drawers also offer a wide array of storage solutions, tailoring your kitchen space to best fit your needs. All delivered in the same exquisite finish for a seamless design scheme.


Harvard Pebble Harvard Hunter Green Harvard Charcoal
Harvard Pebble Harvard Hunter Green Harvard Charcoal


An extra way for you to add your own personality and character to your kitchen space, choosing the perfect handle style can really complete a design scheme. Providing the all-important finishing touch, kitchen handles have the ability to determine your overall style choice, be it traditional, contemporary or your very own hybrid combination.

Aware of the influence that kitchen handles have as part of the furnishings within a kitchen space; Symphony offers an extensive collection of options to accompany their ranges. Varying in style, shape, colour and fixings, explore the full range to add the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen fronts. 

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