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Hacienda Kitchen


Designed to utilise natural light to create a spacious and open contemporary aesthetic, the Hacienda collection by Symphony is purpose-built for modern living. Composed of light colours across its surfaces and matched with light timber frame finishes, the soft minimalism of this collection exudes elegance. Expertly styled by the experienced design team at Symphony, they provide a variety of choices to mix and match and create a kitchen scheme bespoke to you. Including the options to opt for the grey driftwood or light driftwood finishes creating a calming natural look or the nordic blue or platinum finish to complete your cool urban look; no matter what colour scheme you choose, the simplistic beauty of the Hacienda range is ever-present. 


Full of invaluable experience within the kitchen furniture and interior design industry, the designers at Symphony are second to none. Making a point of adding unique design features within each range, they help embody that collection with its own distinctive style and personality. Within the Hacienda collection, the additional design features available can help transform the whole aesthetic of your finished kitchen. Providing more convenient storage options in addition to exceptional design opportunities that you can stamp your own character on. Take the tall unit storage as an example of how Symphony’s exquisitely designed furniture can change a room. Offering a multitude of storage options, with an array of different cupboard size choices and the chance to incorporate kitchen units such as ovens; its sophistication and elegance exists in both its function and style. In comparison, the Hacienda range can also be completed with stunning open shelving. A design feature that provides you with free range to make a decorative space within your brand new kitchen, your possibilities are endless.


Hacienda Nordic Blue Hacienda Light Driftwood Hacienda Platinum
Hacienda Nordic Blue Hacienda Light Driftwood Hacienda Platinum  
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