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A jewel in the crown of Symphony, the Freedom kitchen collection offers an unrivalled level of usability without any compromise on style or design. Capable of being tailored to your exact requirements, this range has been meticulously designed and crafted to be accessible to all. Helping to make your kitchen the heart of your home, making everything easier from cooking, cleaning and general everyday usage, in a welcoming social space that allows you to create memories that will last forever. 

Accessibility & Safety 

Ingenious in its design, the fundamental principles of being flexible and safe to use have been considered down to the finest details in every aspect of Freedom kitchens. Incorporated into each unit build or surface are unique safety features that are subtle to the eye, yet incredible in their function. Ensuring the physical safety of the user by making every unit ergonomically modified to be at their convenience, the variation in modes of operation are tailored to accommodate any possible needs. Worktop surfaces are completed with intelligent waterfall edges that prevent the possibility of any overspill from the counter sides. Matched with highly recommended induction hobs that can also be adjusted in height and a range of contrasting colour options that help distinguish between worktops, frontals, walls and floors will assist users with visual impairments. The options available in the Freedom kitchen collections are extensive and brilliant, capable of making a modern contemporary style kitchen that is suitable to all.  


Often overlooked with a stern focus on only practicality, the style of traditional multi-generational and accessible kitchens tend to be unimaginative and plain. Symphony breaks this mould, bringing through their ever present commitment to truly breathtaking kitchen designs throughout the Freedom collection. Evidently influenced by years of experience in designing and creating beautiful kitchen furniture that can easily withstand everyday use, Symphony has paid attention in equal parts to style, practicality, flexibility and safety. At home in the most contemporary interior design magazine, the Freedom collection has a combination of stunning furniture styles that can be hand-picked to your desired aesthetic. Including a wide selection of colours and finishes available for work surfaces, worktops and countertops; Symphony also offers an incredible choice of ergonomic handles and trims for both a practical and elegant finish. Look deeper into the Freedom collection and you will see that Symphony’s design accessories have gone further than just the surfaces. Each motion is easy and calculated, with smooth closing across the complete range that fits the calm atmosphere of these kitchens. 


The beauty of the Freedom collection is that you can see the time and care that the designers at Symphony have taken to consider each meticulous detail. The collection is fully flexible to suit any user, regardless of their individual needs. Customisable not only in the initial design process but also once installed as a working kitchen. Whether it is intelligent storage cupboards that utilise the upper space of a kitchen, yet can be automatically lowered to worktop level using a simple button, or clever internal pull-down systems that bring the contents of the shelf to you. Each aspect of these kitchens can be modified to your exact needs. 


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