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Rockfort Kitchen Layout


Simple and traditional, the Rockfort range by Symphony is a stunning and sophisticated kitchen design scheme. Elegant throughout, the shaker style provides a traditional feel that is intelligently blended with several modern features to create a contemporary hybrid finish. Capable of being moulded to both the shape and existing design style of your home, the extensive range of furniture, furnishings and worktop combinations gives you an outstanding level of design control. 


Symphony’s industry-leading kitchen designers create more than just a kitchen within each of its unique collections. Full of individuality and design possibilities, what they create is a design style that empowers you to craft the kitchen of your dreams. The Rockfort collection is no exception. Design options include full-frontal cupboard doors to create a dominant colour scheme or alternatively clear glass doors that help improve the lighting within a room. Furnished with a wide selection of stunning traditional or contemporary handles, whether it’s a sophisticated and sleek silver handle or a more natural smoked oak knob, explore the extensive range to make the right choice for you. 

Finally, top your Rockport kitchen off with a work surface that completes your design space. From a variety of warming oak colours to deep volcanic ash finishes, the number of design combinations capable within the Symphony’s Rockfort collection is substantial.


Rockfort Ivory Rockfort Ivory Glazed
Rockfort Ivory Rockfort Ivory Glazed


An extra way for you to add your own personality and character to your kitchen space, choosing the perfect handle style can really complete a design scheme. Providing the all-important finishing touch, kitchen handles have the ability to determine your overall style choice, be it traditional, contemporary or your very own hybrid combination.

Aware of the influence that kitchen handles have as part of the furnishings within a kitchen space; Symphony offers an extensive collection of options to accompany their ranges. Varying in style, shape, colour and fixings, explore the full range to add the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen fronts. 

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